This site, it serves as a center point for all sites and media created by Bobby Thompson.

The original homepage of Bobby Thompson. over the years this page has contained lots of different topics, all interests of Bobby Thompson. It hasn’t been updated in a number of years, so it for all intents and purposes is rather out of date.

That said, it was registered back in 1998, which means it went online before Google became a search engine.

The very first website created by Bobby dates back to 1996, and contained moves for the video game Mortal Kombat 3. In short, the first site Bobby ever created was about Mortal Kombat, and he has kept pages up about it since that time. This dates back to 1995, so it is literally one of the first Mortal Kombat fan sites ever created (and pre-dates a huge number of other websites).,

Though currently inactive, Bobby plans to one day complete and publish an updated MK website. Currently in it's 4th attempt at a redo, weather or not it will go live before a 5th rewrite remains to be seen.

This site is dedicated to freeware created by Bobby Thompson. Though again like many of Bobby’s sites it hasn’t really been updated in years. It was primarily created to give a unique ‘brand’ of sorts to Bobby’s software based creations.

This was Bobby’s first attempt to break into the video podcast market, so to speak. The original intent was to create a video blog where Bobby could vent his personal opinions.

The name was chosen as a bit of a play on words. The podcast was to be filmed while Bobby was driving. Furthermore Bobby’s ideas tend to go against the grain of a number of topics. Bobby effectively filmed one episode, but hasn’t ever followed it up.

Bobby originally registered this to be a software/app review blog. Bobby later felt the name was a bit too personal, in the unlikely event that his blog caught on and extended beyond himself. Bobby has since decided this would be a good place to put a personal blog, but like a lot of Bobby’s ideas he has yet to implement this one.,

Bobby registered to replace the page dedicated to baking powder submarines currently under the domain. While the site is mostly finished, Bobby has effectively put it on hold until he gets around to taking photos of his current collection.Ironically due to his delay, he has decided to redo the site under, so as to make the site a little more universal.

Bobby is a bit of an amateur magician. so this site was registered as a ‘brand’ for his magic, though it was done so without a clear purpose for the site itself.,

This site is dedicated to Bobby live broadcasting himself. While it is fully setup to do so, and functions though Perescope, it’s not on very often.

This site is dedicated to Bobby's love of fireworks. Being in California significantly limits this as a hobby, but Bobby does sometimes travel out of state for the 4th of July so he can enjoy himself in this area.,,

Bobby is hoping to turn one of these into a fan site dedicated to his favorite video game series, Metroid.

This is a short link for this site. Bobby also uses it as his own link shortener and a CDN.