About The Site

Big Knee Productions is a site dedicated to websites and other media creations by Bobby Thompson. Though Bobby’s first page and formal homepage is torgo.org, Big Knee Productions was created to bring a continuity between all the media (web and otherwise) created by Bobby.

About The Author

Bobby is an experienced web developer born and raised in Southern California. He developed his first web page back in 1996, and has been developing them both personally and professionally ever since. You can learn a lot about Bobby via his personal page @ http://BobbyThompson.Rocks/.

How it Originated

The idea for creating Big Knee Productions originally stemmed from the fact that various celebrities always seem to create their own production companies on a whim, so much so that Late Night with Conan O'Brien used to have a running segment mocking this. Couple the excitement of that with a need to tie unrelated media elements together, and the idea was born.

About the Name

The name Big Knee Productions originally stems as a spin off of Bobby's home page, torgo.org. The site's url was based off of the most infamous character from the worst movie ever watched on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Episode #424 - Manos, The Hands of Fate). That character, Torgo, is most recognized by his confusingly large knees. Ergo, Big Knee Productions...